A Remarkable User Experience with 'Blue Bottle Coffee'

A Remarkable User Experience with 'Blue Bottle Coffee'


For appreciators of a good cup of coffee, this brand is for you. With digital products exceeding certain physical interactions, this company built a seamless process to ensure the ultimate user experience.

Image from Design For [Everyone]

Image from Design For [Everyone]


From website to doorstep, this coffee company does it with zero frictions, disrupting the way we purchase coffee at its core.

I ultimately was in search of a service that sends unlimited supply of coffee and I wanted to share today with our readers why I can’t stop talking about this brand to everyone.

Blue Bottle is famously known for their exceptional user experience services, from roasting the beans to managing a unique user-based subscription tailored to every customer’s need.

All of their blends are tested weekly by professional tasters to ensure quality and deliciousness.

This article reflects on how a good business model can satisfy hundreds of coffee lovers and teach us about seamless design thinking processes.

Part of my early routine is centered around a divine cup of coffee to kick start the day.

I was tired of drinking bad tasting coffee and I was out of energy making random run-outs to the grocery store when we ran out of boring coffee in the house.

I didn’t get why our drip coffee machine made bitter coffee with no flavor. Switching coffee machines didn’t help either, the taste was never right.

Image from BlueBottle website

Image from BlueBottle website

I was in the process of looking for a streamlined online system where I can coffee and not worry about the details. The universe heard my request, coincidently, I was watching an incredible design documentary by Invision called Design Disruptors.

The design documentary reveals a new perspective on the design approaches of companies that are overtaking billion dollar industries through design, that’s how I was introduced to this Blue Bottle.

I decided to become an active online customer with Blue Bottle Coffee, and never looked back. Coffee has been a number one choice for many people including myself.

It woke me up in high school, kept me sane during graduate school, and on my feet
everyday working in tech. A good cup of coffee definitely sets my day on the right note.

It feels great to finally find a brand that never fails to consistently send a box of heavenly beans to ensure the perfect cup of coffee .

In 2012, The company wasn’t getting enough attention due to the complicated looking website. In order to scale as a brand, Blue Bottle wanted to assess the viability of an online model, to improve products with millions of users and define marketing strategies. The founder did not come from a software background so they teamed up with Google Ventures to understand how users can purchase quality coffee online.

Watch the video here to learn more about the design sprints of how coffee buyers move through the online store

Blue Bottle Coffee redefined the way coffee lovers shop online. This brand is loved nation-wide and is disrupting the coffee industry at its core. The business model focuses primarily on building the optimal customer journey.

The design team at Blue Bottle collaborated with Jake Knapp, author of the New York Times bestseller Sprint.

Knapp is a very talented designer, who created the Google Ventures sprint process and has run more than a hundred sprints with world leading startups and companies.

The Sprint method is usually a five-day process for answering critical business questions through design, prototyping, and testing ideas with customers. You can find out more about sprint stories here.

Blue Bottle took the best elements from the design sprints and created a website that dramatically increased sales.

They built confidence with their team and got closer to defining how their online store works. They’d done it in a way that felt true to their principles of hospitality. They believed the online store could be an authentic Blue Bottle experience.

A few months later, Blue Bottle launched their new website, and their online sales growth doubled. The next year, they acquired a coffee subscription company. With a bigger team and new technology, they expanded the web store and began experimenting with new offerings.

It would have been years to get the online store right–but in the sprint, they started on their path.

A sprint is your chance to check the navigation charts and steer in the right direction before going full steam ahead.


Blue Bottle Coffee is the perfect example of good business. Bring great coffee to new customers online is their motto. They know how to build a remarkable online experience when it comes to ordering coffee beans to your doorstep.

I read on their blog that it is advised to make pour-over using single origin beans which makes a difference in quality. Every coffee shipment is from a different country.

With single origin beans, each shipment comes from a distinct region in the world. In the package, a descriptive post-card shares details about the unique coffee quality.

In my case, I use the pour-over method which is like a meditation. Because of Blue Bottle Coffee, my partner and I created an entire ritual around drinking coffee in our house. I switched my coffee machine from drip to pour-over. Pour-over is similar to a drip coffeemaker, but noticeably more delicate and complex. There is no machine, no cords, just simple tools with your hands. You feel in control of your cup of coffee.

Pour-over style teaches me patience, watching the beans brew, and the aroma fill the room. It took me a long time to find a brand that puts effort into creating the perfect blend and flavor. Most services are currently striving to create a strong online base as equal as an offline one and Blue Bottle coffee is a prime example of that. They provide exceptional services when it comes to the subscription system truly getting specialty-worthy coffee.


When I first visited the Blue Bottle Coffee website, I was amazed by the simple yet powerful user experience journey.

Successful products in our current market are due to the fact that users come first, and every user requires a personalized experience with zero friction delivering coffee packages to our homes.
As design decisions, they really know how to make it all about the user and their interests in the perfect blend of beans.

From Sprint by Jake Knapp

“Blue Bottle Coffee assumed they could find a way to convey their expertise through their website, but before the sprint, they weren’t sure how. its not difficult to find an assumption such as Blue Bottle’s and turn it into a question.” Customers trusted their expertise but it took a ton of questions and a whole mission from the team to create a framework that holds true to its statement of the best coffee out there.

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Take the 10 step quiz to learn more about your coffee preferences

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