We Are More Than Data Points

We Are More Than Data Points


One way or another, unexpected events happen to most of us and we’re usually unprepared to face these challenges when they show up in our lives.

Frictions are more apparent than the seamlessness of what we’re looking for in our day-to-day lives, it’s the way the world works. As societies, we taught ourselves on-the-go survival techniques to progress in society.

We overcame adversity and steered away from dangerous situations using our instincts to move forward.

As millennials, we are playing on a very challenging level in the fabrics of society. We feel like we don’t belong and won’t be pocketed in clear defining roles.

Social media platforms are targeting customers in our condensed advertising world the wrong way. Humanity is being placed in these weird buckets run by algorithms, turning people into data points.

What went wrong in the 2000’s? The various ways of coping in this economy compartmentalizes humans.

Corporate jobs suck the life out of you until you realize you are just a cog in the system, thinking of change or progression is frowned upon.

Graduating school leaves you in enormous debt, delusional yet hopeful.

There are challenges in figuring out who you are in rough situations, turning into this person who constantly worries about all the what ifs in the world. Working at a non-profit makes you fend for the cause, and what you believe in, leading with a leg and an arm in the dark and you’ll never understand if your sponsor will be covering your next grant.

At a startup, you’re working inside a ticking clock that is about to implode or explode for everyone onboard. If things go well, you are required to celebrate for a minute, then with these stock options, work ten times harder, the stakes are always way too high.

The gig economy lets you fight for a cause with no health insurance. The cycle could be; building your own startup, figuring out your own path, putting food on the table, and making ends meet. We’ve been trolled, all of us.

The joke’s on us for having exceeding optimism and demanding transparency in our lives. Our current president is a joke, our former president may have showed us promise and made plans for progress and it all seemed too good to be true.

We are the generation that is left to fend for themselves. Now we have to unite as humans and shed the nationality bind that has brought us world wars and loss of human lives before. We’ve got to do better than this and enter the decision makings rooms.

Nationalism, socialism, and colonialism must now be replaced with equality, universality, and climate change.

We got to make things right and should know that old systems might not have room in our new process. 

We must work harder towards building a better future. We are more than data points.

Prioritizing Features

Prioritizing Features

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