Rachel Hollis, Author of 'Girl, Stop Apologizing' Shares a Visionary Message on Being You.

Rachel Hollis, Author of 'Girl, Stop Apologizing' Shares a Visionary Message on Being You.


Girl, Stop Apologizing is a top-selling read in the U.S. and world wide, and it’s successful for so many reasons. Girl, Stop Apologizing is an ultimate must-read book by an author who graciously shares her wisdom on how to make life work for you and not the other way around.

One of the hundreds of reasons I follow the Hollis family online is because as Rachel Hollis says, if you own the morning you own the day. If you own the day, you own the week.

Rachel Hollis is helping millions of people find their potential in life. She brings up questions like how to find passion in building your business, teaching us how to continuously show up for ourselves, connect to our truest identities, regardless of other people’s opinions.

Her ideas may seem simple, the more you dig into her message you find the complexity of her message in self love. Without loving and putting yourself first, even before your family, you won’t have energy left to share.

She compares our energy to a flower vase you have to fill up to the top for when the vase tilts over, you are present and strong to show up for your loved ones. This metaphor shows that caring for others only happens when we care for ourselves.

I always like to keep her products handy, making a ton of notes.

I always like to keep her products handy, making a ton of notes.

Every time I pick up Girl, Stop Apologizing by Rachel Hollis, a personal shift happens within me and usually this shift is taking me from a negative to a positive state.

Rachel and her husband David built the Hollis Company to help millions through their widely successful personal development, 3 day conferences.

Everything about the Hollis Co. vision, mission, books, and products are worth following. Click here to learn more about the Hollis Co, maybe you are lucky and attend one of their seminars.

I’m sharing and fan girl-ing in this post on how this incredible woman – Rachel Hollis – plays an integral role everyday to help motivate millions of people with her husband David through their social media live-stream, every morning at 8 am Central time, five days a week.

You can find the Start Today Morning Show hosted daily by David and Rachel on Facebook and Instagram. If you want to catch Rachel and her husband Dave in their element, make sure to tune in live and laugh and learn with them. They talk about family and their company updates and share personal growth tools and life hacks. They put on an awesome show, say funny stuff, play good tunes, and graciously host a 5 minute Q & A at the end.

Rachel came into my life during the last ninety days of 2018. David and Rachel are always encouraging fans to join a free 90-day challenge starting in October 2019 till the end of the year, to start the new year strong. I took this challenge as an amazing opportunity lead by the Hollis family and decided to start making changes in my life. The main rules in the 90-day-challenge, called Five to Thrive are:

  1. Wake up early, you can’t wake up early if you’re going to bed late.

  2. You have to show up for yourself so that you can show up for others.

  3. Drink water equal to your body weight in liters.

  4. Give up one category of food for an entire month.

  5. Move your body. Work out everyday for thirty minutes.


We live in a time filled with content by influencers and inspiring individuals on maintaining a healthy lifestyle, Rachel Hollis is the best motivational speaker out there and she offers 90% of her content online for free.

Hollis addresses the audience from her heart on how women are not living into their potentials, and she has the solution to all this. Be there for yourself before you can show up for others is basically the premise of the book with detailed actionable steps to take. I wanted to share this powerful excerpt from the introduction of Girl Stop Apologizing by Rachel Hollis:

"There is so much untapped potential inside people who are too afraid to give themselves a chance. Right now there are women reading these lines who have ideas for nonprofits that would change the world... if only they had the courage to pursue their dreams.

There are women reading these lines who have the potential to build a company that would alter their families' lives if only they had the audacity to believe it would work. Right now there are women reading these lines who would invent the next great app, design the next great fashion line, write the next great bestselling book...if only they believed in themselves.

A dream always starts with a question, and the question is always some form of what if...
What if I went back to school?
What if I tried to build that?
What if I pushed myself to run 26.2 miles?"


Here Are 10 Key Takeaways From This Awesome Read:

I won’t spoil this amazing read because: a) it would be a disservice to the original content; b) you should totally read it if you want to do the work because no matter how I rephrase or quote Girl, Stop Apologizing, it won’t be the same as reading it on your own time.

  1. “Women are brutal on themselves, and they often talk themselves out of their own dreams before they even attempt them,

  2. I believe we can change the world. But first, we’ve got to stop living in fear of being judged for who we are,

  3. A goal is a dream with its work boots on. A goal is a dream you’ve decided to make real, as Rachel eloquently puts it:

A goal is a dream you've decided to make real. A goal is a destination you're working toward instead of an idea you're only considering or hoping for. Hope is a beautiful thing and an incredibly valuable tool to help keep us motivated and inspired about the possibility for the future. But let's be very clear on this point: hope is not a strategy ... You've got to be intentional, and you've got to decide right now that you can be whoever you want to be and achieve whatever you want to achieve.

4. We can change the world. We’ve got to stop living in fear of being judged for who we are,
5. Hope is not a strategy,
6. Dreams and goals are very different,
7. Celebrate the wins,
8. Embrace Failures,
9. Ten years. Ten dreams. One goal, 10, 10, 1,
10. You can achieve any goal regardless of age. Get past the idea that rules apply to certain people at a particular life stage.”


The Last 90 Days of The Year Challenge:

I’m a numbers gal, I love metrics, I always seek measuring content by using quantity, writing down what I’m doing for the day. When Dave and Rachel Hollis talked about finishing the year strong and working really hard for the last ninety days of the year, in every single aspect of life, I was all in.

After completing the ninety days in 2018, I now, six months later, get up early seven days a week - with no alarm - like 6:30 am! I workout the first thing, go to work, then write a bit after dinner till 9:00 pm which is late for me but I love writing in quiet at night for a few hours, and read before bed. I became this person who loves almost every minute of my day job, my workout routine and yoga practices, thanks to her.

I feel I’m more sane. I’m more connected with my partner, my family, and to myself more than I ever had in all my years. I followed the process religiously and methodically, zero excuses, no days off, and voila, I started seeing magic happen in my life!

My habits shifted on a personal level, my life-perceptions changed along with my energy levels were consistently on the rise. I became a happy person at work and life. My empathy levels grew especially towards folks who were bitter.

I’m sharing all this because my life changed around in less than 90 days. I’ve benefitted from Rachel’s tips on life, work, family, health, energy, and her fiery ambition that is contagious when you hear her messages to be a better version of yourself. I’m in total awe of Rachel’s approach by her telling it as-it-is to her followers and readers and how hard it can be to stay on track.

I was a different character before knowing Rachel, the Hollis family, and all their good work. I quit my job and was so terrified of making big decisions. I moved across the country in the U.S. with my partner, I’m from New York and we now live in California, a dream I never ever thought was possible. Moving to the west coast required a ton of rigor and discipline. From decluttering my life, learning how to become a minimalist, how to sell used clothes, furniture, and books.

The hardest thing about moving from the east to the west coast, was leaving a good job and my family who lives less than an hour away in Brooklyn and had us over every Sunday dinner and always took care of me. Moving to the west coast meant I had to grow up, be my own self, get my life in order, and in a way, finally live into my truest potential.

I started learning for myself not for anyone else. I became the person who I am today, building a company with my partner along with running a blog that is read by thousands of users, thanks to Rachel’s notebook towards motivation.

Leaving my 9 to 5 secured job after earning my Master’s Degree in what I thought was an unrelated field from what I do now—really shook my life around. I stood up for myself because no one else would, which is the framework of her book. If you can’t change or show up for yourself, no one will do it for you.


The Start Today Journal is what I consider the main Hollis product designed to intentionally help you accelerate in life and be a better version of yourself every single day.

This journal is a guide to operate and plan for your life, everyday.

I’d like to think of this journal as part of my morning meditation routine. Writing down gratitude and what you feel for in your life, is surely a way to stay present and focus on your wins. This is a personal notebook designed for you to write your dreams down and be concise with your missions and life tasks. Find out more about the Start Today Journal here.

Simply, you write down the five things you are grateful for, and ten things you made happen, dreams waiting to be real.

This format of writing for the future like it’s the present is super effective. Let’s say you want to lose weight, start a business, or run for a half marathon, you document your goal everyday in your Start Today Journal.

The journal includes dreams that will make you visualize your perfect reality. In my journal, I write out a multitude of things from simply being grateful that I got out of bed today, to documenting a pretend dream/reality that has already happened. In my case, I write down that my blog, Design for [Everyone] is the number one go-to resource on technology and mindfulness.

Hollis shares this technique that if you manifest in a thing you want very bad and document it as if it has already happened to you, it turns into a reality, it’s not magic, but the power of believing is so strong. I’m all about proactively planning my day because I care that my work is done by the end of the week without going insane.

What Makes Rachel’s Message So Personal & Influential

Only some of the concepts in her book are not invented by Rachel Hollis herself. But she invented her personal techniques and mastered them in her own life and created her own concepts that fit her and are customizable for 1000s of women’s needs— a subtle message for the critics out there commenting on the originality of her content.

Some critics may say that she reuses original quotes but that is what literary work is meant to do. Reconstructing and Reusing words from world history isn’t a bad thing in any field.

Hollis makes these concepts fit around our modern day society in how we show up for ourselves everyday using methodical and consistent steps.

Hollis is not perfect, like us, she puts in the work to change from within. When she experienced burn out, she took a hard look at her daily life and knew she had more energy in her to allow her to continue to move forward and show up for herself everyday. And it was hard to keep up but she bravely documents her process with her audience. When we think of failure, we immediately associate it with disappointment.

Hollis is very organized giving her readers ideas to look inwards, monitor habits, and to continue having faith in themselves when no one is looking. Hollis is my mentor and she doesn’t even know me. I follow her posts and live streams religiously on social media platforms and have picked up her book and ranked it as #1 on my personal list of 2019 reads, and I plan to go back and read her previous books and learn more from and about her personal growth journey.


The Message Behind Girl, Stop Apologizing

Hollis is true at her core, she keeps facts real, her writing style is fresh and succinct.

I finished reading Girl, Stop Apologizing by the end of the first week from arriving in the mail. In her book, Hollis encourages readers to focus on three parts: “Excuses to Let Go Of”, “Behaviors to Adopt” and “Skills to Acquire.”

Be sure to subscribe to her weekly newsletter on the chicsite.com.

Even after reading her book, I continue to pick it up every now and then to stay on track. I tagged her most essential quotes, rules, and statements with post-it stickers across the entire book. Every time I open Girl, Stop Apologizing and land on a random page or topic, my perception shifts based on our feelings on any day.

Her intake on life is seriously inspiring, her pumped-up energy demonstrates to her audience that being motivated can be easily acquired, you just got to set yourself up with a successful plan. Her content never fails to play a role in shifting my mental mode.

Selflessly, I am ready to reply how I don’t give a f*** (idgaf) about a certain situation that does not concern me. If a problem arises at work, I take a short break from reacting and respond with positive actions. Rachel’s work ethics are astounding as she offers dry-cut and tangible solutions to situations with difficult people. My empathy levels have increased towards myself and individuals who are not always easy to deal with. Throughout her book, I’ve learned how to practice patience and genuinely love myself for who I am.

This book is an essential tool for women who juggle around life-tasks. Her candid nature allows us to visualize as readers what a busy-successful life looks like, and it’s not always perfect, but it is always real. She won’t bore you with complex theories to acquire, she keeps it universally simple and applicable so the concepts can settle in and resonate with her readers. Hollis doesn’t paint a flowery picture about life, being a mother of four, a writer, a speaker, an entrepreneur, a wife, a half-marathon runner, and now a public figure, she keeps it all real. She gives hope for all of us who seek change in our lives and in our world. She’s can be a great resource for those who want to pursue a lifelong dream that looks different from our family members or friends’ lives, which is surely difficult when we’re facing an uphill battle to make it to the top.

Some folks have asked Hollis on Instagram if men can read this book, and I loved her response on this question, she has learned and read numerous books created by male authors and doesn’t see why not, so the answer is of course men can read this book! The more men read it, the more it might make sense to them on a personal level of why, to them, women usually seem stressed out and it would always add hope to all the women who want to share these truths with men and make space for them to relate, so yes, please men, check this book out.

Rachel Hollis on why she wrote this book says:

I wrote this book as the next step for everyone who read Girl, Wash Your Face. It’s about taking ownership of your hopes and dreams then drowning out the noise of other people’s opinions. Girl, Stop Apologizing holds the most tangible advice on how to achieve your goals and the steps you need to take to get there. At the end of the day, I really wrote this book to inspire women to live unapologetically as yourself. To learn more about WHY I wrote Girl, Stop Apologizing check out the video below! 

Don't give other people permission to tell you to quit. Choose who you want to be! Not tomorrow, not next Monday, TODAY. Decide what you want right now. If you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time. You are in control of what happens next.

This is one of my favorite videos of Rachel’s her Take Control of Your Life and (do yourself a favor) make sure to subscribe to her Youtube channel.


The Rachel Hollis QVC Collection

Rachel’s apparel line with QVC was inspired by the amazing women in her community. I purchased this Stripe Tee and it’s so comfy, I absolutely love it! #rachelhollisxqvc


Rachel Hollis is a two-time New York Times and #1 USA Today bestselling author. She’s a top business podcaster, and one of the most sought after motivational speakers in the world. She is one of the real authors out there who candidly says it all to her fans.

Her motivation continues to paint a true picture of life, the excuses we make for ourselves, and how to let go of negativity. Her framework is built around the idea that planning for your day intentionally sets you up for ultimate success not just for the week ahead but for the entire year. Her accounts on success and failed attempts are raw which explains how she built a global media fanbase with millions of followers. As a proud working mama of four, she is fun to watch on social media, as she shares with her fans her personal struggles, victories, methods, and stories of trials and errors in her business and motherhood.

Her transparent personality is why she is the best, proving that she knows what she’s talking about around the scopes of her life. Hollis has an unmatched level of dedication to her fans. Let’s say for some reason you are reading this post but don’t know who Rachel Hollis is, just a quick Google search would clarify. Hollis is an author, a You-tuber, and a blogger, with a #1 top business podcast called Rise, where she invites amazing people to share their techniques in business as she gives out secrets that are life changing for entrepreneurs. You can find her streaming online every morning at 8:00 am CST on social media platforms. There is the amazing Rise personal growth weekend conference that I plan on attending one year, fingers crossed. In addition to her business podcast, she hosts a weekly Rise Together podcast with her husband Dave. If you want to learn more about Rachel’s books, journals, products, and speaking engagements check her out on The Chic Site.

“If not now, then when.” Rachel Hollis.

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