Welcome to Design for [Everyone]

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Our Goals

Our goals are to grow an inclusive community and advocate that we are all designers and deserve a seat at the decision-making table. Every week, we connect with a community of industry makers and leaders to chat about their experiences across multiple channels. We place the customer’s journey and user experience at the core of all our conversations. Our mission is to share tactical advice on how to stay present through all our imperfections.

Feel free to check out our current articles on technology, easy living, and book reviews. We reflect on life-situations and on honing the craft of building exceptional products for humans.

My name is Rhoda, I’m a product designer/researcher in the entertainment industry. I created Design for [Everyone] as a platform to share stories on design across industries. We hope you enjoy and find our content insightful.

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Our Team

Our team is made of creators, bloggers, artists, storytellers, and curious individuals who all believe that good design is integral to a healthy way of living. We, collectively share a responsibility towards spreading broad and fresh ideas in software and product design. We share topics that align with our mission to grow awareness in the global community on tips to create an easy life in our hyper-digitized universe. We would love it if you shared your story and grew with us. If you are interested in bringing a new story to our platform, writing your thoughts on industries, lifestyles, or if you’d like to share an interesting read, feel free to sign up for our contribution systems and write with us on Design for [Everyone]. We are super excited to have you with us!