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We are a team of creators who believe that as a community of bloggers, artists, storytellers, and curious individuals, we all have a responsibility to share ideas and around technology nuances and how to serve social good projects. Our team of content creators are on a mission to share tactical advice about staying present with all our imperfections.

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Our Goal

We ask our contributors and readers to always stay curious and never stop asking questions. Our team connects with a community of designers across mediums to share stories from multi-disciplinary industries with the goal of putting user experience design at the core of every conversation. We hope you find our content on Design for [Everyone] insightful. Our posts reflect topics on people who respect the craft of building better experiences for humans.


About Rhoda

– Designer, Blogger, Researcher, and Founder of Design For [Everyone].

I’m a product strategist in the entertainment industry at Array Studios, based in Los Angeles, California.

I conduct user studies to build better businesses and products. I’m a trained researcher and I ask a ton of questions to strategize product development and help create easier products to benefit everyone.

I started Design For [Everyone] in 2019, to create a platform that share examples of products we use in our daily lives with good user experience design.

After chatting with a ton of creatives from software companies, the animation entertainment industry, and companies who shared their work-related frustrations, mobile-life issues around team building, communication problems, and how creatives want to work efficiently.

I enjoy covering related issues from voices focusing on the day-to- day user experience.

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We hope you like our content!
– The Design for [Everyone] Team.