Fancy College Degrees

Fancy College Degrees

Stop Falling for Resume Credentials

As a product owner, you should master patience by identifying when things can work out for your organization versus how emotionally invested one can become leaving rationality and growth techniques as secondary factors. 

Primarily, our focus should always be headed towards innovation by hiring people from far and distant circles.

Hire people who care about values and morals. Hire those who can overcome challenges without judgement or anger.

Irrelevant contexts and stories that come out are the most relevant to our stories. In other words, as an employer who's hiring talent, always try to steer away from the glossy credentials and don’t be a resume snob.

Avoid Becoming a Resume Snob

Content matters. As an employer, find humility and aptitude for this potential candidate based on how talk about their previous roles. Be on the lookout for interviewees exhibiting soft skills during the job interview.

You can identify skills during the meeting by the choice of vocabulary used from the candidate at one on one meetings.

Words matter. The way people speak about their work can reflect on the candidate’s capability to sell a compelling story in a few minutes and in less than one keynote presentation. 

Credentials are important to base context for each person, but shouldn’t translate to prioritization.

At all costs, nothing is worse for an organization than having an extremely difficult vetting process for candidates.

During the 1990’s, professionals would think that, to prove excellence, exceptional large companies use a method of filtering candidates from pools of hundreds of applications to be reduced to only a handful in single digits.

When companies create extremely difficult interview processes, candidates slowly back off.

As social media platforms are growing, designers are more expressive online about how people are frustrated by a constant increase in negative interviewing processes.

Interview with Shelley Taylor, Creator of The RefAid Mobile App Helping Millions of Refugees in Europe

Interview with Shelley Taylor, Creator of The RefAid Mobile App Helping Millions of Refugees in Europe

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