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My mantras.

My mantras.

About Me – Building Product Experiences

Hello 👋 and thanks for visiting my UX portfolio! I'm Rhoda Ismail, a User Experience (UX) designer and User Researcher based in sunny California.

I build experience designs in products and collaborate with teams to empower product usability and analyze positive functionality. I conduct customer interviews and design product-related stories to figure out ways to improve software. I believe that identifying a problem is about finding and framing the right research question to develop and launch successful products that serves millions of daily customers.


Processes – Defend Your Research

I help teams implement research strategies by applying design-thinking tools to businesses and analyze customer issues in products.

By talking to customers and interviewing business owners, I am able to validate hypotheses & support ideas floating in decision-making conference rooms.

Using rigor in user research helps me confirm theories, or otherwise, and understand behavioral qualities and customer interactions.


Experience Design – Develop Product Stages 

Applying Stanford, d. school, User-Centered Design stages.

Applying Stanford, d. school, User-Centered Design stages.

I strategize with teams in design-thinking processes to sell our product and analyze customer journeys that incorporate the following methods.


User Experience Design Projects

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Below are summaries of my roles as a designer and researcher.


Array Design Studios, Burbank, California.
Building a Production Software Tool for 2D Animated Shows

Role: Product Designer & User Researcher
Time: January 2018 – Present
Pipeline launches in q4 of 2019
Location: Los Angeles, California
Industry: Tech. Entertainment
Client: Film
Team Size: 4 (UX designer (me), UX Developer, product manager)

Feel free to email me at for project details. 

The Administration for Children’s Services, NYC.
Digitizing The Foster Care Parent Registration Process

Role: Product Designer Contract with the NYC Mayor's Office of Tech and Innovation
Time: Feb 2017 - May 2017
Location: New York City, NY
Industry: Foster Care, Government
Client: Administration for Children's Services (ACS).
Team Size: 3 (UX designer(me), developer, data scientist)


City Innovate Foundation, San Francisco, CA.
The First/Last Mile Metro Project

Role: Product Designer
Time: March 2017 - October 2018
Location: San Francisco, California
Industry: Urban Development
Client: Transportation and Public Works - Miami Dade County, FL, USA.
Team size: 5 (Program Director, Product Designer (me), Developer, Sales, Marketing)

City Innovate helps communities navigate and address complex technology challenges.
Our team is dedicated to improving efficiency and accountability in government and services for the residents they serve.


Motivate, Citi Bike IOS App
Building a Report Broken Bike Button Feature

Role: Product Designer
Time: August 2016 - 8 weeks
Location: New York City, NY
Client: Motivate. Facilitated by Pratt Design Institute, NYC.