Rhoda Ismail and UXurLife series gave me new insights into how our use of technology can refine and enhance our day-to-day lives. Rhoda’s podcast demonstrates practical applications for our applications if you will. Her attentiveness to detail and inquisitive nature gave birth to new ways to teach and explain complex concepts in more easily understood terms.
— Randy Hames, Voice Talent, Producer, CEO Edgewater Studios
In working with Rhoda I discovered she is not only a creative person but incredibly thoughtful. She looks at a problem through many lenses and is excellent at producing several possible solutions. Rhoda has an attitude that makes her a dream to work with. Not only is she incredibly self-motivated and always energetic and positive, she is flexible and diplomatic while still making her voice heard. She is an asset to every project she is a part of.
— Gina Stovall, Entrepeneur
Rhoda is incredibly hard-working and dedicated to user-centered design and research based development.
— Karin Schmidlin, User Experience Designer